To provide the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding communities with the basic needs of new underwear and hygiene products, to increase school attendance, good hygienic habits and decrease bullying.


To provide assistance for children, teens and adults who cannot obtain underwear and hygiene products


Our goal is to double our numbers of donations and provide more new underwear to hundreds of individuals in our communities. We would also like to develop more partnerships with community facilities that would serve as a bridge of hope for us to provide new undies to people who are not in our reach. but could still benefit from our services.

What began as a social entrepreneur project created by the original mentees and instructors in the GIRLY Inc. mentoring group in 2018 has flourished into a independent community project. The purpose of The Underwear Project is to promote good hygiene, education, proper fitting underwear., and help build self esteem among individuals. As of  2021 we started sponsoring our partner schools hygiene workshops and we now service boys and men all year with underwear also. We are continuing to flourish, Since the beginning of this Project, we have provided over 2,600 pairs of new underwear to the Greater Kansas City area. As of today  we have given over 5000 pairs.

We have been able to serve many in the community and would like your help serving more individuals and families. If you would like to donate to our PayPal please  email us at [email protected] Help us continue to replenish our supplies by donating directly from our Amazon wish listBy the end of 2022, it is our hope to gain more sponsorships, partnerships, in-kind donations, grants and recruit  volunteers, eventually helping them springboard their philanthropic efforts in hopes of becoming a social entrepreneur.